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There are more than 200,000,000 licensed drivers in the United States.  This means that car accidents are the most common type of automobile accident that occurs on the roads to date.  Car accidents cause some of the most serious and expensive personal injuries out of all types of accidents. Car accidents...

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Police on the lookout for a Hit-and-Run driver in northwest Houston

Posted by admin | Posted in Car Accident Attorney, Houston car accident lawyer | Posted on 16-10-2012

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Houston police are on the lookout for an unidentified suspect who allegedly hit and ran a man at a Valero gas station on the 200 block of North Shepherd Drive near Pinemont Drive in northwest Houston. The accident occurred at approximately 11:15 am last Sunday when a African American male in a white Buick or Pontiac  sedan was leaving the gas station and hit the man in his forties. The driver of the vehicle continued to drive away and was chased by onlookers who eventually lost him. The victim was taken to a local hospital where he was in critical condition after sustaining severe head injuries.

Police are currently investigating security footage in attempt to identify the unknown vehicle and its driver.

A hit and run accident causing injury to a person is a severe crime in Texas, handled as a felony offense with substantial jail time. The victims of these heinous offenses are entitled to financial compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering as well as loss of income. If you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian accident contact a pedestrian accident attorney in Houston to discuss your potential case and legal options. An attorney well versed in personal injury will have the resources and knowledge to ensure that you receive the largest settlement possible for your injuries.