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California Cell Phone Law Not Reducing Car Accidents

Recent studies done by the Highway Loss Data Institute show that California’s sate law banning the use of hand held mobile-phones while driving has not reduced the number of accidents.  The number of car collision claims in California were not much different then California’s surrounding...

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Safe Driving Equipment

Posted by admin | Posted in Car Accident Lawyers | Posted on 08-03-2011

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A traffic collision, or traffic accident, occurs when a vehicle on the road collides with another vehicle, pedestrian, or geographical obstacle.  The most common form of traffic collision in the United States is a car accident.  A car accident is when a car crashes into an object on the roadway.  On average, millions of people are killed or injured in car accidents every year.  Car accidents are so common that almost every one has been affected by them in some in some way.  Motorists are the safest on the road when their vehicles are equipped properly and running efficiently.  In order for a driver to assure their maximum safety, their vehicles should have the following equipment:

  • Brakes:  The vehicle must be equipped with a two brake system and have brakes on all wheels.
  • Lights:  Motor vehicles must be equipped with two headlights and the other following lights: taillights, turn signal lights, brake lights, license plate lights, parking lights.
  • Safety Belts:  Passenger vehicles must be equipped with two seat or safety belts in the front seat.
  • Mirrors:  Vehicle must have at least one rearview mirror.
  • Windows:  The glass that the vehicle’s windows are made of, must be approved safety glass.
  • Bumpers:  All recreational vehicles must be equipped with both a front and a rear bumper.
  • Horn:  Must be equipped with a horn that can be heard from at least 200 ft away.
  • Muffler:  A muffler must be on the exhaust system to prevent excessive noise and smoke.
  • Wipers:  They must be able to clear water, snow, and ice from the windshield.

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